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Research & Development

SA boasts a number of leading research bodies supporting the development of the seafood industry.

  • SARDI is the key government research body responsible for aquatic sciences. Located at West Beach SARDI provides a wide range of support programs to the industry and currently hosts the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for finfish aquaculture.
  • Flinders University
    Flinders has a long established record of involvement in marine sciences and apart from offering a number of degree courses conducts a significant amount of aquatic research. Tel 8201 3911 Website
  • Lincoln Marine Science Centre
    Based in Port Lincoln, the Centre is a collaboration between the seafood industry, Flinders University and TAFE. The Centre operates a number of marine research programs for aquaculture students and researchers alike.
    Tel 8683 2500
  • Oyster Research Council
    This body funds a number of research projects annually for the oyster industry in South Australia. The research complements a range of studies being undertaken in other research establishments.
    Tel 8682 1831
  • University of Adelaide
    The University has a wide array of research programs in the food and public health areas and provides valuable research in product quality, handling and post harvest issues. Tel 8303 4455 Website